I am a student at a high school. I have many friends who I like to spend my time with even if it gets complicated at times. My family has been a big support through everything I’ve been through and we have a cat called pebbles. She became part of the family almost 4 years ago and it’s been a pleasure to have her around when I’m upset. I am not a perfect human being, but nobody is really but my 13 years of living have certainly been a blessing. Ever since a was a young girl I’ve enjoys writing different stories. And when my Nan offered for me to write and publish the book a knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity and ever since that day I’ve been writing short stories for my book and I plan to continue writing stories. I also like to spend lots of time with my sister. Recently I taught her how to play hide and seek and now we play it almost every day together.


“Adventures of Perfect Difference 5” by Nina Edwards and “Life on Рlanet Parklands” by Xenia Brettell are written in the form of short stores. The books describe the life and adventures of two lads with special needs.  These stories are full of humour, are based on real and fictional events from their everyday life and highlight the fact that everybody, despite their special circumstances, have the right for understanding, simple pleasures and happiness in life.”

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  1. Anzela Raseva

    Well done Xenia. 🙂 Great job!!!!! I wish You a happiness in all your life.

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