Xenia Brettell is a young author who has always had a passion for writing stories. Having a little sister with Down Syndrome inspired her to write the book “Life on Planet Parklands”, along with support and relentless motivation on her grandmother and author Nina Edwards of “Adventures of Perfect Difference 5”.

The books reveals short comedy stories about the different situations that two young men with learning difficulties find themselves in. Nina hope that the book will be inspirational to others in the Caring profession. Xenia says “My stories are for children, who want to laugh and smile, including those who are disabled and possibly teased for it. Hopefully, the book will raise society’s awareness of people with learning difficulties and help them to become accepted as individuals with equal rights as the rest of us.


Our books are retain in the form of a short stores. The books describe the life and adventures of two lads with special needs.  These stories are full of humour, they are based on real and fictional events from their everyday life and highlight the fact that everybody despite their special circumstances have the right for understanding, simple pleasures and happiness in life. Well come to book store Amazon, Xlibris.


Xenia Brettell’s first book and first presentation of her book”life on Planet Parklands” at Primary School.


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We support Down Syndrome Associations UK                                … and Lung Foundation

March 16, 2015

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