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Please listen to our blog talk radio interview
Dear Lizy! Thank you for giving us great support and a fantastic opportunity for the World to here about our activities and resulting books about the Perfect Difference 5.
I thought the theme came over well and I hoped the listeners were interested in what we had to say. This is a link of our Radio Show with Lizy Tri! Thank you for listening.
Xenia,Who inspires you? 
When my Nan offered me to be part of her project I immediately thought of my sister and how I could write it for her. Spending time with her helps me to understand how she feels. I can’t really separate the two because 1 led to another. Having fun with my Nan led me to writing the stories for my sister. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand Leeza but spending time with her helps me and her to develop a relationship. Most of the time my sister is very happy but sometimes when she gets confused, she starts shouting. And without the knowledge it is difficult to calm her down. But I’m always there for her and she stops and becomes happy again.



Author Xenia Brettell book for children: “life on Planet Parklands”.

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